How to make Money in Uyo as a Student: Top 11 Ways


Living in uyo and being a student is not cheap. Ranging from making Photocopies, pay for transportation, accommodation, textbooks, and feeding as well.
So as we bring to you these business ideas, we advice you to look for a business that you can do on the side, one that will not  interfere with your academics but would provide you with lot of extra money to take care of your needs in school and even save something when you graduate.


1. IT Shop

We all know how broad Information technology is, and as broad as it is we will how to make money having an IT shop.

If you are skilled in any of the IT niches, then you should consider starting your own IT shop. The following what you should put into consideration:

(a) An Internet Service Provider: Reading this you consider yourself lucky as this business is one of the fast growing business you should consider doing even you are a student. As we have all seen, any payment made now in Nigeria is done via the internet. Just few days ago it came to my notice that a taxi Driver who was caught without  fire extinguisher was asked to make payment online before his car be released.

(b)Gadget and Repairs: A place where people can come buy IT gadgets and also a place where people can come repair their gadget is another hot business to venture into. The truth is that once you choose a good location and you make your IT shop a one stop shop, then you will have loads of customers patronizing you daily. I hope you are making your plans.

how to make money in uyo

2. Real Estate

Security (shelter) according to Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is one of the basic needs in life.

If you live in Uyo, one business you should join in 2019 is real estate with zero capital.

3. Buka

Opening a MaMaPut Buka is another source of income you can dive into. As the numbers of Single Businessmen increases so is the demand for fast food (MamaPut) increases. If you know you can cook very well, this is an untapped gold you should mine.


4. Photography and Photo Editing

Though I fondly tell my friends that photography is a ‘Big Man’s hobby’ but you can earn a living through it as I throughout my days in the higher institution.

We now have lots of social events week in week out, and many are in need of picture photographs.

All you need is camera and printer and you can as well rent them.
Another way is Photo editing, learn Photoshop and this will be settled.

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5. Tutorials Center

As we all know there are students who are out there in need of knowledge on some courses they find difficulty or struggling to pass some courses, a typical example is the MTH 111 of the university. You can turn this to your advantage and start making money organizing tutorial classes for students.
Impact Knowledge and get paid then watch your bank account soar high.
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6. Computer Jobs

Calm your mind down, this one of the best ways of making yourself cool cash with your computer skills. Instead of using your computer to play and games and watching of movies why not use it for something with high profit propensity such as:

General Internet solution – Most application are now done online.
Online application for new and old students – School fee payment are now done online.

Typing, Scanning and photocopying.

Installation of computer software.

Advance your knowledge on computer related skills your spare time even during ASUU strike as a student.

7. Hairdressing

This is a good idea for female students. You can help your fellow female students to make their hair and charge them a token for it. You can choose to do this on weekends only to avoid undue interference with your academic work. Nail fixing is also another niche here.

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8. Blogging

The best was reserved for the last, before I proceed let me ask, is there any topic you are passionate about? Or would you like other people to read of your experiences as a Nigerian Student? You can make a lot of money from blogging in the following ways:

  • Google Adsense
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Website design and SEO Consultant
  • Selling of Ebook, Etc,.

9. Daycare Service:

Though it might sounds strange but daycare service is yet another viable and profitable business that an entrepreneur can successfully start in Akwa Ibom State. Just ensure that you choose a good location to establish your daycare and then market your service to working class parents. Be very careful when handling this as this is the sure way on how to make money in uyo

10. Taxi Business

Akwa Ibom is one of the fast growing states in Nigeria in terms of population. Uyo is one of the Cities in Nigeria that can boast of having loads of visitors from Nigeria and abroad year in year out and these visitors would need a means to move from one part of town to another. Taxi happens to be the most convenient means of transportation in Akwa Ibom state and it is indeed a viable and very lucrative business. You can start from transporting people from the airport to their hotel or residence and or the International stadium. With taxi business there is no limit to how big you can grow. This is the sure way on how to make money in uyo

11. Transportation Business

Transportation business is another business that an entrepreneur can also start in Akwa Ibom State. Although the business is capital intensive, but if it is well managed, you are going to get good returns on your investment. Akwa Ibom can be your base, whilst you transport passengers to other parts of the country.


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To survive in Uyo you need to earn money both offline and online, that is from more that one stream of income. Instead of engaging in acts with no profit propensity, why not make up your mind and start any of these Opportunity brought to you by Ibom Media.

Point of Sale Business that is POS business is the other of the day now.

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