Home News 2019: Akwa Ibom Needs Iboro Otu as Governor

2019: Akwa Ibom Needs Iboro Otu as Governor

written by Iboro Ekpri

2019: Akwa Ibom Needs Iboro Otu as Governor

In this post we will bring to you why Iboro Otu the Governor candidate of ANRP will be governor of Akwa Ibom State after May 29, 2019.
Iboro Otu is the Governorship candidate of the Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party (ANRP) the generation of Nigerians that has risen to build an ABUNDANT NIGERIA.

Why Iboro Otu
Of all the Governorship candidates in the state, He (Iboro Otu) is the only candidate that has an online present. His website iborootu2019.com is one of the most online influencers in Akwa Ibom

The youths needs him.

Iboro Otu Executive Statement/Clarion Call

The more reason the Akwa Ibom Youths should vote for the governorship candidate of ANRP is fro the executive statement thus below:
Righteousness exalteth a nation and a people rejoice when the righteous are in authority. My vision is to make the great people of Akwa Ibom rejoice by putting to work fundamental principles and objectives that will guide our government and our people into the next decade of development and prosperity.
Over the years, I have witnessed the continuous yearnings of Akwa Ibom people for a government that is effective, inclusive, equitable, transparent, accountable, futuristic, and respects the rule of law. Past governments have always under delivered because they lacked these qualities.

Today I am pleased to tell you that I have been working tirelessly with a great and dedicated team with whom
I have diligently formulated strategies, policies, and plans that will lead Akwa Ibom to a glorious destination.

We will operate a policy where decisions are made transparently in the best public interest, where the right people
are provided the right tools and motivation for the right jobs, where services are provided without favor,
where ours and our children’s futures are guaranteed, where our lives are protected, and where responsibility and professionalism are our watch word.

The world today is moving into a new era dependent on technology; from solar energy dependence,
digital agronomy to the internet of all things, we must be part of it.

Solutions for food, shelter, security and socio economic transformation are issues many developed countries
are tackling comprehensively. These are solutions we can build upon and dominate in our state.
The world is in huge demand for skilled and knowledgeable workforce, so it makes sense that we invest in our key priority areas of education, health, ICT and agriculture. The rewards are evident, considering the abundance
of investment capital available worldwide. I am willing to lead the great people of Akwa Ibom state to
make this our reality.
It is with this urgency that I therefore seek your cooperation so that we may effectively implement strategies
to guide and strengthen our people economically and socially. Diligently adhering to these fundamental
objectives will secure the future of our people.

With humility before God, I offer my service to the Akwa Ibom people. I pledge:
1. To run an effective, transparent, and visionary government that is inclusive, community based and underpinned
by the desires of the Akwa Ibom people.
2. To strengthen the socio economic base of our state by prioritizing commerce, co-operatives and development through citizen friendly policies, laws and investments.


In his words, avicious cycle seems to have befallen us since the dawn of the 1999 democracy. It seems we gather in ethnic groups, zone-pick our leaders, fight to the death – destroying everything in our path until we get our way – Then we start again. The unending vicious cycle has not taken us very far, but there is a way out!

There is a way we can have a responsible, lasting, efficient and inclusive government that addresses the needs of the Akwa Ibom people. There is a way we can provide adequate employment for our youth and individuals of working age.
There is a way we can secure the lives and property of our citizens. There is a way we can crystallize a vibrant state economy through a combination of incentives and commerce-friendly policies. There is a way we
can provide adequate health infrastructure for ourselves and our children unborn. We have developed a way!
Any country, state, institution, family or society that puts its young people first on its priority list secures its future.

This is common sense. To do otherwise and neglect the youth is to suffer disaster; and this is sadly what is presently happening.
One look at our government policies, budget allocations and priorities exposes the mind of present and past governments towards its young citizenry. We are a rich state with so much potential for growth and prosperity; but the reality is we are the second state with the highest youth unemployment, bogged down with bludgeoning debt.

Our intelligent and able young men and women are without jobs, some killing or getting killed
in cult/political wars. Our farms – in dire need of youthful hands – lie fallow as a result of human and capital misplacement.
The list is endless. But there is a way!
I have great faith in our youth. I have over the years studied with great enthusiasm the ability of our youth to develop and run series of projects across the length and breadth of our dear state.

This belief in our youth led to my founding ALERT Nigeria (Ambassadors for Leadership and Entrepreneurial Responsibility), a youth-oriented development platform spread across the 31 LGAs in Akwa Ibom State. Indeed, the results we have recorded are milestones.

Right now, in a remote village tucked somewhere in every LGA in Akwa Ibom state is a young man and woman with the ardent belief in self, working smart and efficiently towards a better life, and effectively contributing their quota to the development of their communities and our society.

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When usually are with Dad, they say what he wants to learn. Due to this that they have learned support keep their losses small.

Iboro Ekpri February 24, 2019 - 5:09 pm

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