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Obong Victor Attah At 80: AKHA Wants Two Projects Named After Him

Obong Victor Attah At 80: AKHA Wants Two Projects Named After Him

It is of no news that the former Executive Governor of Akwa ibom State, Obong Victor Attah celebrated his 80th Birthday in grand style on the 20th day of November and the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly (AKHA) on Monday had passed a motion, urging the incumbent state governor, Udom Emmanuel, to name the Akwa Ibom International Airport, Uyo after the second civilian governor of the state, Victor Attah, Kufre Okon, a spokesperson to the speaker stated this in a statement.

The assembly also gave Mr Emmanuel the option of naming the Akwa Ibom State University, at Mkpat Enin, after the former governor.

Ibom Media gathered that the projects are to be named after Mr Attah who celebrated His 80 Birthday on Tuesday, November 20.

The House plenary was presided by the Speaker, Onofiok Luke.
It can also be noted that both the airport and the university were conceived and started during Mr.Attah’s administration as the Governor of the state.

About The Ibom International Airport
The airport conceived by Attah and construction work began in 2006 was completed by Godswill Akpabio, the third democratically elected governor of the state in 2009. The airport was officially inauguarated on September 23, 2009, and the first scheduled passenger service commenced on December 2, 2009, when Arik Air offered flights to Abuja and Lagos.

What To Know About The Current AKSU
The concept of Akwa Ibom State University of Technology(AKSU) was started by Obong Victor Attah in October 2000, when the state government inaugurated a committee which consisted of academics, technical experts and professionals submitted an interim report in April 2001 and a final report to him in September 2001 for its establishment.

However, Dr. Godswill Obot Akpabio, the then Governor of Akwa Ibom felt that the policy thrust of Government should be the establishment of a conventional, multi-campus institution and changed the name of Akwa Ibom State University of Technology (AKUTECH) to Akwa Ibom State University (AKSU).

Akpabio signed the bill into law formally establishing Akwa Ibom State University in September 2010 while the university was formally inaugurated on October 4, 2010.

Meanwhile, the state government is planning a state banquet among other events on Saturday, November 24 in honour of Mr. Attah who is widely referred as “the father of modern Akwa Ibom.”

“Let us join in celebrating this illustrious son of Akwa Ibom State, whose vision and selfless commitment to serve his people is precursor of the continued economic prosperity of the state,” Charles Udoh, the state Commissioner for Information and Strategy, said in a statement issued on Saturday, November 17.

Already, some signature projects in the state have been named after their initiators and executors, some who completed and inaugurated the projects.

It Would HAve Been Three:
Notably, it would have been three project named after the former Elder Stateman Could the IBom Science Park had been in optimum functioning. as we can see in the case of the Akwa Ibom International stadium, Uyo named after Senator Godswill Akpabio, while the beautiful state secretariat has been named after Commodore Otuekong Idongesit Nkanga (retd), the former military governor of the state.
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In conclusion, 
We are wishing you Obong Victor Attah a happy Birthday, From all of us here at Ibom Media 

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                        Akwa Ibom State


Akwa Ibom State was created on the 23rd of September 1987 by the then Military Administration of General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida. 

The creation of the State brought to fruition years of prolonged struggle by the people that occupied the mainland part of the former Cross River State.

For many, the creation of the State was a mark of justice, having been left out in earlier state creation exercises despite leading in the struggle for state creation in Nigeria, through the Ibibio Union, – a foremost Socio-Cultural organization that served as a unifying platform for the people of this part of Nigeria. 

In 1948, Ibibio Union, formed in 1928, transformed from a mere cultural association to a goal driven institution which promoted and championed the cause of state creation in Nigeria.

However, when in 1967 the 12 state structure was established following the creation of states by the General Yakubu Gowon administration, the Mainland part of Calabar Province in the then Eastern Nigeria was merely part of the then South Eastern State. 

In 1976, South Eastern State was renamed Cross River State. This change in name did not satisfy the people. Rather, it encouraged them to carry on with the struggle for a state of their own.

After the collapse of the 2nd Republic in 1983, a memorandum demanding the creation of Akwa Ibom State was submitted to the General Buhari Administration by the Paramount Rulers from the 10 Local Government areas that made up the mainland part of the then Cross River State, even thoughit did not yield the desired result.

Undaunted, the people waited for another opportunity. The opportunity came when, in 1986, the Administration of General Ibrahim Babangida set up a political Bureau to define the future political direction of the country. The memorandum was re-submitted.

On September 23, 1987, the collective dream of the people was actualized as Akwa Ibom State, the “Land of Promise” was finally created, after about four decades of sustained agitation.


Lying between Latitudes 4o 32” and 5o 33” North and Longitudes 7o 35” and 8o 25” East, the State is bounded on the East by Rivers State, on the West by Cross River State, on the North by Abia State and on the South by the Gulf of Guinea.


Akwa Ibom State currently covers a total land area of 7,249 square kilometers. The area does not take into consideration disputed territories. It is the 10th largest state in Nigeria in terms of landmass. About 13.4 percent of the 960km of Nigeria’s Atlantic Ocean coastline runs through the State. towns include; Eket, Ikot Ekpene, Ikot Abasi, Oron, Abak, Itu, Etinan, Ibeno, etc.



The people of Akwa Ibom State are culturally homogenous with a common identity and are reputed to be the first settlers in the present day South Eastern Nigeria. The three major dialectal groups are Ibibio, Annang and Oron. Other sub groups include Eket, Ibeno, Itu Mbonuso and the Andonis. English is the language of government and business.


Akwa Ibom falls within the tropical zone with a dominant vegetation of green foliage of trees and shrubs. It constitutes a major chunk of the nation’s oil-palm belt. The Atlantic coastline stretches 129km from Oron in the East to Ikot Abasi in the West. The State also has three distinct vegetation zones: the saline water swamp forest, the fresh water swamp forest and the rain forest.


 Akwa Ibom State Culture

Akwa Ibom is often described as a uni-cultural State where norms, taboos, customs and traditions are the same. The folkways may vary from one ethnic grouping to another, but the operational cultural norms are basically the same all over the State. 

The cultural similarities bind the people together especially in such areas as cuisines, dressing, dances, songs, rituals, folklores, beliefs and myths. Almost all aspects of its culture have potentials to provide fascinating experiences for tourists and for investment opportunities.

Special Dances:

Asian Ubo Ikpa 
Asian Uboikpa means the proud and flamboyant maiden. This dance is performed by maidens between the age of 18 years and 25 years who have successfully gone through the ‘Mbopo’ institution. Mbopo being the period a girl is confined, fattened and drilled on all aspects of home management in preparation for marriage. 

It is common in almost all the hinterland of the State. Performed by maidens at their prime, Asian Uboikpa therefore is in its visual appeal and celebrates and affirm the youthful innocence and purity in their beauty, while showcasing the popular admonition among the Akwa Ibom people that chastity once lost is lost forever.

Oko is the male dance which is likened to the war dance because of its ferocious displays. The climax of this dance starts when the dancers’ start slashing at one another with razor sharp machetes and firing at themselves with live bullets from Dane guns. 

But mysteriously, not a drop of blood is shed as the machetes cannot penetrate the skin of the dancers, or the bullets hurt any of the members of what is obviously a secret society.

Nkerebe (looking for husband) is another women dance, performed once a year when young girls at the age of puberty prepare to perform the Mboppo nceremony.

Asian Mbre Iban
Asian Mbre Iban are dances performed by maidens who wish to inform unmarried men of the community how beautiful and eligible they are. Other women dances include Akan, Asamba and Uwok which is performed in the villages occasionally.

Ndok Ufok Ebe
The Ndok Ufok Ebe (shame of a bad marriage) is another women dance to express their grievances over maltreatment of women by their husbands. The dance is performed once a year. It is accompanied by songs telling the community about their plight, often, it involves going topless to the market place.

There is also the Ebre society women dance performed yearly during harvesting of new yam. During this occasion, women dance to the market place and neighbouring villages. The dance is not only meant to entertain but as well as deliberate protest against what is regarded as male chauvinism, which is reflected in the vulgarity of some of the song texts.

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The Federal Government has set a target of  training 10 million graduates in Nigeria under the N-Power programme by 2023, even as it has extended payment of stipends of the scheme’s 2016 Batch 1 beneficiaries beyond the expiry month of  December 2018.

N-Power Payment to be Extended till 2023  As New Registration Commences Soon

N-Power Payment to be Extended till 2023  As New Registration Commences Soon

N-Power: Record 750,000 graduates apply

Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, disclosed this in a special lecture he delivered on “The Challenges of Human Development in 21st Century Africa” at Oxford University, United Kingdom. He said that the programme has provided jobs for 500, 000 young Nigerian graduates in the last two years.

N-Power was established by the federal government as a job employment and empowerment scheme for hitherto unemployed Nigerian graduates under the National Social Investment Programmes (N-SIPs).

It addresses the challenge of youth unemployment by providing a structure for large scale and relevant work skills acquisition and development while linking its core and outcomes to fixing inadequate public services and stimulating the larger economy.

Beneficiaries are paid a monthly stipend of N30,000 and deployed as volunteers into various sectors of need in the public space, such as health, agriculture, education and public finance.

Apply For N-Power 2019 Here

Osinbajo said: “Over the past two years, through the N-Power programme, the largest post-tertiary employment programme in Africa, we have been able to offer skills development programmes digitally to over 500,000 young citizens between the ages of 18 and 35. We have set a target of skilling 10 million Nigerians by 2023.”

N-Power Payment to be Extended till 2023  As New Registration Commences Soon

Meanwhile, Laolu Akande, Senior Special Assistant to the Vice President on Media and Publicity, said funding for the continued payments for beneficiaries of the scheme is contained in the 2018 budget. He added that beyond the payments of stipends, the federal government is also exploring further options to seamlessly move the beneficiaries from the government job programme to positions where they were able to earn a sustainable income.

Akande said the transition would be through a plan designed to enable them become valuable, all-rounded employees, employers or entrepreneurs.

He stated: “The plan is basically an extension of the exit date of  December 2018 for the first batch of 200,000 to enable them continue to offer their valuable services in their various communities while still earning their stipends.

“They are also to partake in the Enhancement Programme that would seamlessly transition them into numerous economic opportunities in both the public and private sectors of the economy. The N-Power beneficiaries applied and were selected for the programme in an objective, efficient and transparent manner, without the need for ‘connections’ to anyone of influence.”

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Kind Regards, You can use the comment box if you are interested on the N-Power 2019, we will give you the dates when registration Commences. 

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This is heartbreaking. A woman, her two children aged two and three, were among six people who lost their lives yesterday in an auto accident in Akwa Ibom State.

Two passenger vehicles, a bus and a taxi, collided headlong at Ikot Ese on the Afahaobong-Iwukem Road in Etim Ekpo area, leaving many in shock…
According to medics, who attended to the injured at the nearby Divine Love Hospital, at Iwukem, where they were taken, six victims were already dead on arrival.
“We battled frantically to save some souls, but this place is too small to address such emergencies because we lack basic facilities and blood because some had lost so much blood at the time they were taken here.

“Since we don’t have mortuary facility here, the dead were later moved to the nearby General Hospital at Azumini, Abia State.

“Please, let us be more conscious and watchful as we drive on the road because what I have seen today is so shocking especially the death of the young mother with her two babies age two and three years,” a female nurse, who would not want her name in print, told our correspondent.
She appealed to the government to equip and provide essential facilities, personnel and other essential materials “for us to be able to take care of emergencies”.
When contacted by New Telegraph, the spokesman for state the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC), Mr. Justice Agwu, confirmed the incident, but regretted that people, including drivers and other road users, were not imbibing safety culture on the road.
Agwu decried what he called unnecessary carnage on Akwa Ibom roads.
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Uyo—THREE suspected robbers were, yesterday, burnt to death in Uruk Usung community, Obot Akara Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State by youths.
It was gathered that the victims of the jungle justice were caught while trying to rob some residents.
It was further gathered that the suspects appeared to come from outside Obot Akara Local Government.
A source disclosed that the three suspects, who were beaten thoroughly before they were set ablaze, were in their late twenties.
According to the source, “I was told that those boys were among the robbery gang that had been terrorising the community for some time now.
“They may have been burnt because of the terror that the gang had unleashed on the community. I think we should do away with this practice of taking laws into our hands.”
Contacted, Police Public Relations Officer in Akwa Ibom State, DSP Odiko Macdon, said he was yet to get a report from the DPO in Obot Akara
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Some aggrieved youths on Tuesday burnt three persons suspected to be armed robbers to death at Uruk Usung village in Obot Akara Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State.
It was gathered that the suspects have been terrorizing residents of the area.
According to eyewitnesses, the suspects, who were aged between 22 and 30 years, were apprehended by the youths after robbery operations.
The source told our reporter that the mobs, after beating the suspects to a pulp; quickly set them ablaze before help could come.
Meanwhile, when contacted, the Akwa Ibom police spokesma, DSP MacDon Odiko, said he was yet to be briefed by the area Divisional Police Officer on the incident.
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National Youth Service Corps, NYSC call up letters for 2018 Batch ‘C’ Prospective Corps Members is now available for printing online.
Latest Update: This is to inform PCMs posted to Borno State, that they should reprint their call-up letters and make sure the camp address bears the following. “Col. of Peace and Disaster Mgt. Nig. Security and Defence Corps, Babbar-ruga, Batsari road, Katsina, Katsina State. ” However, 2018 Batch ‘C’ Stream II Online Registration  will continue on Wednesday, 24th October 2018
This is to inform all the 2018 Batch ‘C’ prospective corps members that the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has opened the portal for printing of call up letters.
Prospective Corps members are expected to log on to the NYSC Portal to commence printing of their Call-up letters.
Prospective Corps Members that did not make payment during online registration are to start collection of the Call-up Letters from their respective institutions of graduation.
How to Print NYSC Call-Up Letters.

  1. Go to NYSC portal at http://portal.nysc.org.ng.

  1. Login with your registered email and password.

  1. Click on ‘Print Call Up Letter’ link to access and print your call-up letter.

  1. Note the following ahead of Commencement of the Orientation Exercise.

  1. i. Persons who studied in Nigeria should bring to camp: Degree/HND Certificates or Statement of Results, Personal Identity Card from Institution of graduation.
    Foreign graduates should bring for verification, original copies of ALL their uploaded credentials and travel documents including International passport.
    ii. Foreign graduates are to ensure that academic paper(s) in Languages other than English must be translated into English accordingly; both versions must be presented for verification at the camp.
    iii. Medical/veterinary Doctors, Dentists, Pharmacists, Optometrists, Physiotherapists Nurses and Public Environmental Health graduates should bring their professional licenses or certificates of full registration issued by their professional bodies.
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The National Youth Service Corps, NYSC, has warned all corps members against false text messages from NYSC campaigning for political parties and candidates.
The scheme in a statement published on its website said it’s apolitical and does not declare support for any candidate during an election.
The statement tagged ‘ Important Notice’ stated that it partners with all stakeholders to ensure free and fair elections in the country.
It said, ‘’Corps Members should please note that the NYSC will neither send text messages canvassing campaigning for political parties and candidates nor release Corps data to such groups.
‘’The Scheme is apolitical and remains unbiased to all contestants during election process and will continue to leverage on the tremendous achievements it has recorded in the democratic process of the country.
‘’The NYSC partners all stakeholders in order to ensure free, fair and credible elections across the country.
Warning all corps members against being used by politicians in the coming general elections, it said, ‘’All corps members are hereby reminded of the Director-General’s advice to remain neutral in their responsibility as INEC ad-hoc staff in the process of the 2019 General Elections.’
‘‘Note: Above is for your information.’’
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